Transit Community Outreach Retreat

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4x4 - QVM Sprinter Upfitter The Transit Community Outreach Mobile Retreat, by Cabot Specialty Vehicles, is a Ford Transit Van that has been thoughtfully designed to provide a private and comfortable environment for meetings and other activities in remote locations where privacy is needed. The van is equipped with all the amenities of a conference room, ensuring a professional and comfortable atmosphere for participants.

One of the standout features of the Community Outreach Mobile Retreat is its two breakout rooms, which provide a private and secluded space for small group discussions or private conversations. These rooms are designed to be soundproof and comfortable, with ample seating and lighting to ensure a productive and focused environment.

In addition to the two breakout rooms, the van is equipped with all the standard amenities of a conference room, including climate control, audio-visual equipment, and ample storage. It also features a powerful battery system, which allows for all-day meetings in comfort without the need for external power sources.

Overall, the Community Outreach Mobile Retreat is an ideal solution for organizations or individuals who need a private and comfortable space for meetings and activities in remote locations. With its versatile design and powerful amenities, it provides a flexible and adaptable space for any type of gathering.

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